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Valerie Harvey
Valerie Harvey

Why start with the finish?

There are two aspects of the laundry chute that remain visible; where you load the laundry and where the laundry lands.

The laundry chute can either start in a bathroom or on the landing,  with a door when the opening is on a wall or a lift off lid when starting on a work surface. While the door is provided in standard white RAL 9001, all other RAL colours are available. The critical issue for building regulations is fire rating, and the most common requirements are 30 minutes or one hour fire protection

If you have multiple floors, you can load from each level. When choosing the door option, it is usual to have a 90° elbow immediately behind the door, although  45°, 30° or 15° elbow can also be used. 

All our components have a 55mm male-female overlap.

Mounting brackets hold the chute in place and are always located on the first component below a door and on the last piece at the bottom, which is usually a 500mm or 1000mm end piece.  A safe rule of thumb is to use a mounting  bracket per floor or every third component.  Locking bands are located on a join of two components where there is no bracket. They stop the chute from twisting and you don’t need one on every join. Our installation manual takes you through the process step by step.

The laundry chute doesn’t need to be straight; it must have a continuous fall for the laundry. If you need to change direction, use 45°, 30° or 15° elbows.

The final destination is usually a laundry or utility room.

The finish is a very personal choice. There are several decisions to make; whether you want to see the laundry chute or have it hidden in a cupboard. The chute can either finish at a high level; this would have a small section of the chute exposed underneath the ceiling, or lower down with just enough space to fit a laundry basket.

The laundry chute is such an essential item in the house because you will use it several times a day and doing the laundry is one of the most time-consuming parts of our day. It frees up space on the upper floors, gets rid of the cumbersome task of bringing laundry  down the stairs with the bonus of keeping the bathrooms and bedroom tidy and odour free. We are ultimately allowing time for the more pleasurable things in life. Luxury redefined.


We aim to make the process from designing your laundry chute to installation as easy as possible. 

Get it right … you will use your laundry chute several times every single day.

Size and Material

We are here to help you decide on the right size and material for the laundry chute


We make the laundry chute design an easy process.

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