Finishing Touches That Provide Protection

We offer a bespoke selection of British standard fire regulated doors 

Laundry Chute Doors

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Child lock

Fire Damper

Why a fire damper?

It is passive fire resistance and prevents the spread of fire in the duct work.

Fire dampers are belt and braces measure in Commercial laundry chutes.

How do fire dampers work?

A barrier is activated when the a certain temperature is reached, this closes the opening preventing the spread of fire.

We supply  a damper with fire curtain which is held in place by a fusible link. The fusible link melts when the temperature in the room reaches 72 degrees celsius. The fire curtain has a rating to withstand the heat up to 4 hours.

Where is a fire damper installed?

A fire damper is installed between the ceiling  and floor at the bottom of the chute. 

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