Installation Services

We offer supply only, assisted installation or a full installation package. Choose the one that suits you.

Supply Only

We designed our laundry chutes to allow for an easy installation. Our installation manual takes you through the process step by step to make the installation a simple task.

Our laundry chute is a one-off purchase. Plan it well and once installed, it

will cost nothing to run, is virtually maintenance-free and will provide a lifetime of trouble-free operation. Take the time with the design, get it right, because you will use it every day.

If you need assistance with design, our design expert will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements.

Assisted Installation

Customers like assistance with the layout and location of the wall brackets. This package offers up to 2 hrs of our installers time with your builder or appointed installer, as well as his contact number for personal assistance and questions. 

Our expert installer will deliver the kit to site and walk through the planning and installation process. He will mark up the position for the wall mounting bracket as well as providing all the necessary fixings. Making the installation even more relaxed.

If you require our assistance in the design, click on the link below. Our design expert will be in touch with you to discuss your requirement.

Full Installation Package

The relationship starts when you are designing your house, we will work with your architect to ensure the design and size is correct along with building regulation compliance. 

Before we start to manufacture the laundry chute, we survey and take final measurements. Our installers liaise with the builder to arrange the first fix and then provide details of requirements in readiness for fitting the doors at final fix.  We install the doors when the walls are plastered and decorated.

 We have an excellent reputation with building companies because our survey and installation team are methodical,tidy and  highly qualified professionals. 

Regardless of the size or length of your chute, we take the same care and attention to providing the best service, with the installation to last a lifetime.

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