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Why a Laundry Chute?

The ease of use – no more lugging laundry baskets downstairs.

No more excuses for laundry lying around.

Eliminates the need for a basket and dirty laundry odours.

Safer than trips down the stairs while carrying  laundry.

What is a Laundry Chute?

A laundry chute is a circular tube made from rustproof stainless steel, male and female components interlock to provide a smooth interior.

Your laundry chute can either start on a work surface with a lid or a wall with a door. You can have 45,  30 or 15-degree offsets or elbows incorporated.

The wall-mounted brackets are usually installed on every other extension piece to hold the chute in place. Locking bands are fitted over two joining pieces where there is no wall bracket to stop the laundry chute from twisting.

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