Shape And Size - Why Does It Matter?

Valerie Harvey

Shape and size of the commercial laundry chute are essential to the ease of use, regardless of whether you are designing a single drop chute or a multiple floor loading chute.

Why should the shape of the laundry chute make a difference? 

While gravity plays a big part in the movement of bagged laundry, there are some other factors to consider.  If the bag of laundry is not perfectly circular, it will get caught as it falls down the square or rectangular chute.

 Circular chutes eliminate the possibility of jams as there are no angles with seamless construction; it offers the most effective solution.

Does size matter? 

Yes, the size of the chute is the most critical consideration as it determines the intended type of use and available space. The size of the bag when full, will dictate the chute size. Big isn’t always better; the weight of the bag increases with size. Is the size and weight of the container too heavy for someone to lift and load? 

The most popular sizes for commercial applications are 400mm (unbagged deposits or small laundry bags) and 600mm. However, any size up to 1000mm diameter is available.

Careful consideration, for all aspects of the laundry chute at the design stage, saves time and money.

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