Laundry Chute doors

Laundry chute doors prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Our range includes up to 1hr and 2hr fire protection with a childproof lock.

In domestic homes, a laundry chute starts with a door or lid, depending on the design of your chute. We offer a 1-hour and a 2-hour fire-rated door. The 1-hour fire rated door is flush mount with a yacht-style handle; the fire rating is lower because the handle is sunken into the door. White is the standard colour, other Ral colours available. The 2-hour fire-rated door both the handle and locking mechanism are visible. This door is Ral colour.

In Commercial applications, we offer a variety of doors; the most popular are 2-hour fire resistance for integrity to BSEN 1634-1:2008 and BSEN 1363-1:1988. Flush fitting with a Ral 9010 powder coat finish. 4hr fire rated doors with a high powder coat or stainless steel finish is also available.

A laundry chute lid does not have a fire certificate; it has a brushed upper surface, durable powder coated internal surface encasing certified 30-minute fireproof material.

Enclose the laundry chute, with plasterboard, the size of the surround depends on the size of the chute.

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