1Hr Fire Rating Laundry Chute door


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The 1 Hr British Fire Rating Laundry Chute door is flush mount has a recessed handle and child lock with white epoxy finish is manufactured to fit into the 300mm laundry chute.

The external dimensions for the door are  373mm x 373mm, the door fits into a  mounting box, the neck of the box reduces down to 250mm.  A 90 elbow slots over the back of the mounting box making a seamless fit so clothing cannot get caught

Laundry Chute Location

The laundry chute door is usually located on a landing, family bathroom or en-suite and terminates in the utility room, kitchen or a ground floor cupboard where a collection basket can be located below. The height from the ceiling that the laundry chute will finish is dependant on your needs.  Laundry chutes are particularly suited for positioning in a full-length kitchen or utility cupboard where a basket can be placed on the floor below.

Laundry Chute Sizes

The size of the laundry chute for your home is largely dependent on the amount of space you have available. Standard stock sizes are 250mm, 300m  and 400mm.  500 and 600mm laundry chute doors are made to order.

The minimum boxing required:

250mm diameter laundry chute is 400mm x 350mm
300mm diameter laundry chute is 400mm x 450mm
400mm diameter laundry chute is 500mm x 550mm.
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