200103 250mm Laundry Chute Kit For Two Storey Home



250mm Laundry Chute Kit For Two Storey Home With Low Level Termination is designed for a single straight drop.

The size of the laundry chute design depends on the amount of space you have available. The encasement determines the area for the chute. Below we have listed the minimum boxing needed.

The minimum boxing required:
250 mm diameter laundry chute is 300 mm x 350 mm
300 mm diameter laundry chute is 400 mm x 450 mm
400 mm diameter laundry chute is 500 mm x 550 mm.

Laundry chute location.
Typical locations for the start of a laundry chute are on the landing, family bathroom or en-suite. Most laundry chutes finish in the utility room, kitchen or ground floor cupboard with a laundry basket below. Our laundry chutes can either finish at a high level (between 150mm and 500mm from the ceiling) or lower around 1400mm off the finished floor level. To use space efficiently, it is best to have the chute finishing about 150mm below the ceiling above a shelf where the laundry basket resides. This allows space underneath to be used.

Mounting brackets hold the chute in place and are always located on the first component below a door and on the last piece at the bottom, which is usually a 500mm or 1000mm end piece.  A safe rule of thumb is to use a mounting bracket per floor or every third component.  Locking bands are located on a join of two components where there is no bracket. They stop the chute from twisting and you don’t need one on every join. Our installation manual takes you through the process step by step.

The laundry chute doesn’t need to be straight; it must have a continuous fall for the laundry. If you need to change direction, use 45°, 30° or 15° elbows.Laundry Chute Location

Included in this Laundry Chute kit:
1 x Premium White Flushmount laundry Chute door (30602)
1 x back box (30603)
1 x 90 deg Elbow (20090)
1 x  1000mm Ext Piece (21000)
2 x Mounting Bracket (20190)
1 x Locking Band (20180)
1 x 1000mm End Piece (21000E)

500 and 600mm diameter laundry chute components for larger commercial projects are manufactured as required


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