300mm Ø Laundry Chute 1000mm End Piece



300mm Ø Laundry Chute 1000mm end piece has edge trim to provide a finished edge.  The laundry chute end piece is the last part of the laundry chute. You need a 30190 mounting bracket to hold the end piece on the wall. If you have a chute with only two components, i.e and extension piece and an end piece you will need a mounting bracket per piece.

The 300mm Ø laundry chute end piece is manufactured in 250mm, 300mm and 400mm diameters.  We also make 500 and 600mm diameter laundry chute components for larger commercial projects.

The size of the laundry chute for your home is mostly dependent on the amount of space you have available. The minimum enclosure required for a 250mm diameter laundry chute is 300mm x 350mm, and for a 300mm diameter laundry chute, 400mm x 450mm and a 400mm diameter laundry chute is 500mm x 550mm.

The Laundry Chute components are interlocking, the wall brackets hold the chute in place, and the locking bands stop the laundry chute from twisting. Formed out of bright annealed 430 or 304 to DIN 1.4301 quality stainless steel with fusion-welded seam joins. The stainless steel has useful, long-term oxidation resistance at temperatures over 800°C, with melting temperatures of over 1375°Ce. We are the only company that manufacture laundry chutes here in the UK.

Our laundry chute components have no internal fixings (except occasionally on fire damper spigot to stainless chute join out of the main chute fall), all parts mate with a male and female overlap of at least 60mm.


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