400mm Ø 1000mm Extension Piece


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Use 400mm Ø 1000mm extension piece to lengthen the chute and to get the doors at the right height. It is also used between 15, 30 and 45 deg elbows. You need a 40190 mounting bracket to hold the end piece on the wall. If you have a chute with only two components, i.e and extension piece and an end piece you will need a mounting bracket per piece.

400mm diameter components are made to order

The size of the laundry chute depends on the amount of space you have available. The minimum enclosure required for a 400mm diameter laundry chute is 500mm x 550mm.

The laundry chute design varies depending on your requirements. Our laundry chute kits are popular in properties where the laundry chute is a straight drop. Use the 15, 30 and 45-degree elbows when you want to change the direction of the chute.

Email us your plan drawings so we can assist you with your design.

Because our components are fusion-welded and interlocking joins. All components mate with a male and female overlap of at least 60mm. There are no internal fixings, wall brackets hold the chute in place and the locking bands stop the laundry chute from twisting. All our laundry chute components have a high polish finish and are manufactured using the 304/ 1.4301 grade of stainless. The stainless steel has useful, long-term oxidation resistance at temperatures over 800°C, with melting temperatures of over 1375°Ce. We are the only company that manufacture laundry chutes here in the UK.


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