Safety – Get it right, keep it simple.

Fire protection is the safety aspect that gets the most attention for a commercial laundry chute; however, the prevention of injury to operatives which is as essential, is not considered.

Injury to operatives occurs when loading the bagged laundry and retrieving the laundry from the base of the chute. Both of these can be resolved by installing a few safety features.

Our unique electronic interlocking system eliminates the possibility of more than one door being opened at a time, preventing injury to operatives loading on the lower floors. The weight of a 16 kg bag would severely injure a person. 

Every door has red and green LED lights; this indicates if the door is locked or available for loading. We have incorporated a manual override key on the control panel at the base to allow for the required maintenance.

There are a few options to be considered to allow for the safe removal of bagged laundry. The first measures are to terminate the chute as low as possible, yet still taking into consideration the necessary height required for easy removal of the bag. 

1. The laundry chute could terminate within a cupboard.

2. The chute ends into a protective cage with a door for access.

The doors from the above options connect to the interlocking mechanism.

If the dirty laundry is taken off-site for washing, it is worthwhile consulting with the contracted company to determine the size of their bags and height of their transportation cages to ensure it allows for ease of use with our laundry chute design.

The best practice with safety is prevention; time spent planning and implementing good practice always saves lives.


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