About Us

2009 We started importing laundry chutes, the market snowballed.  As a result we founded Laundry Chute Solutions Ltd in 2011.

2014 Our desire to satisfy our customer’s requirements in all variations and meet their needs quicker, manufacturing started in the UK.

2017, further product development and our commitment to producing the highest quality finish led us to bring the production in house.

Choosing a laundry chute is a lifetime decision. Our extensive range of laundry chutes and the ability to make bespoke components make us unique in the industry.

We value our customers and place them at the forefront of importance when designing new products. Our artistry and attention to detail are the reason we remain the industry leaders.

Value and quality that lasts

Choosing the cheapest laundry chute option probably won’t give you the best value in the long run. Belt and braces in design, quality and fire protection are at the heart of everything we do.

All our products are made with the highest quality materials and tested to British standards to ensure a lifetime of ease and convenience. All this with pricing to meet your requirements.

Core Value

TRUST because it is at the heart of every relationship we form, whether be with our staff, suppliers or customers.


To lead by example with sound moral and ethical values to instil trust with our employees, customers, suppliers, and within our community.


Treat people fairly, with respect and dignity for our employees, customers, suppliers and the environment.


Listen to our customers and become a business partner that provides the best solution. Going the extra mile, to ensure that it doesn’t just work, it looks good too. Our staff are our ambassadors, and their well being is vital to us delivering our pledge. 

Service/Customer Focus:

Provide a quality product to our customers on time, all the time.


Working together for a common goal and help each other to achieve it. Respect, enjoy and treat everyone’s opinion fairly.

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